Photo Gallery

This is Em’s Photo Gallery.  We are still working on attaching proper titles to much of the pictures, and also captioning them as necessary, so please bear with us.

Please note that you may add your comments to individual pictures if you’d like.  Just click on the pic and take it from there. (Just learned that comments on pics seems unavailable when viewing on mobile phone)

Also some of you have had an issue exiting the picture carousel, which is where you are taken when you click a pic.  There is a tiny “x” in the upper left corner of the carousel page that will free you from there, so you are not really trapped.  Apologies, the “x” is hard to see, and I am powerless to change it.  :]

New setting: The Gallery is now sorted in Random Order, so if you Reload/Refresh this page, the pics will be reordered, well… randomly. It will be like you visited for the first time!