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Christmas from Mom

Merry Christmas, baby girl! Today sure wasn’t the same without you,

but it’s ok because you have the best gifts of all!

I still wonder what it must be like where you are…I think I “hear” your answer, and it makes me so happy for you, honey!

So, even though I miss you so much, I’m happy for all the gifts you left with us and all the gifts you have!

Merry Christmas, Emy! I love you so much!



Grandma V

Betty Vaughan:

As the Christmas season approaches I find myself thinking about the bright light that shown in the sky the night our savior was born. Then I always think of Emily. She was sent to us so she could shine her light on so many. Her life was a struggle, but her life also brought much happiness to so many including herself. This granddaughter of mine will never be forgotten. She is with the angels in heaven and will never suffer anymore. Love and miss you Em.

Grandma V - Baby Emily

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