Lindsay P

by Ted V

Lindsay Pfriem
November 3 at 4:37pm · Bayshore Gardens, FL ·

I didn’t want to say it out loud or put it on paper, that just solidifies it as truth.
I’m feeling kind of empty. I don’t even know what to say.
Do I tell the people I love that I love them enough?
Do they know that no matter what or where I am that I’m always available to them for whatever they need? Why does it take losing someone for us to realize we should be closer to our friends and family?
She was the strongest person I know. Fought more battles than any one person ever should. She was far too young to be lost. I know now she’s pain free in heaven. However, peace be with our family who now have to grieve the terrible untimely loss.
You were kind, loving, and a firecracker. You touched people. Always making people smile, always there to pick someone up when they were down. You are so beautiful in every way possible. I hope you know what a difference you made in this world, and that you will know that it won’t be the same without you in it. May you now rest in peace with Angels.
I love you. I didn’t get to tell you often enough. I hope that you know that we all do.
May you rest in peace sweet lady.


  • Deborah DiPietrantonio Morgan So sorry for your loss and my prayers are with all of the family at this sad and mournful time.
    November 3 at 4:51pm ·
  • Dedrah Conger Sorry for your loss Lindsay
    November 3 at 4:55pm ·
  • Bev Perez Im so sorry for your loss Lindsay, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers
    November 3 at 5:56pm ·
  • Oriana Asia’s Finest Hansley Rip Emily…’s only been a few months since I been gone I miss u!
    November 3 at 6:13pm ·
  • Claire King ::huge hugs:: So sorry for your loss
    November 3 at 8:39pm ·
  • Devon Winkie Bruntmyer Lindsay that was beautiful. Emily touched everyone she met and her life was a gift to all of us that had the privilege of loving her.
    November 3 at 8:44pm ·
  • Tammy Jo Hays Amen Lindsay very well said and written love you R.I.P.Emily I love you
    November 4 at 7:57am ·
  • Betty Vaughan We all share your thoughts Lindsay. Emily is a special angel and I believe that God needed her. If you pick a flower you always pick the best. and the most beautiful and that is what he has done. I pray that God will give us all some peace in the coming days especially her wonderful parents and sister..
    November 13 at 9:34pm ·