by Ted V

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Carlos and Em 2003

Who would’ve thought that one moment during a visit to a hospital with a baseball team would have knitted our hearts to a most rare treasure for eternity. The moment we walked in Emily’s room, we were instantly connected. What a gift. What a gift. Eleven years later, we say the same thing. She’s a treasure that has made us better people. Nothing has changed, even now…she is still being her amazing self but with all the completeness needed to fulfill the rest of her destiny and story. It’s only begun. And one day, we’ll join you in another chapter sweet girl. Because we know intimately The One you are with, we smile at the fullness of That Love you are experiencing. But for you Carol, Ted, Hanna and the rest of Emily’s beautiful family and friends, we grieve with you…lifting you all up in the most heartfelt prayers. All our deep deep love to you! Carlos and Annalee Reyes