Annalee R

by Ted V

Annalee Reyes
November 5 at 4:36pm

Today and always I honor one of the most amazing and special girls I’ve ever known. She went home to be with Jesus Saturday after two heart transplants during the course of her 19 years here. We celebrate what a phenomenal creation and brave warrior she is, the joy she’s living now, and the joy she will always bring to our lives! What love I have for you Emily Vaughan!
Carol Stanley Vaughan ‪#‎YoureaTiggernow‬! Carlos A. Reyes Jr. Chelsea Reyes


  • Kelly A Alvarez I’m sorry for the lost but rejoice her life in heaven.
    November 5 at 4:41pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Thank you Kelly! I love you
    November 5 at 4:46pm ·
  • Jerrilynn Friddle Parness Annalee.. so very sorry.
    November 5 at 4:46pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Thank you Jerri. I’m tellin ya, she was a champion. Many years of suffering, done…and now she’s free! Love you!!!
    November 5 at 4:48pm ·
  • Jerrilynn Friddle Parness Yes, she is free. Love you back!
    November 5 at 4:49pm ·
  • Patti O’Brien What a beautiful girl! She was so blessed to have shared her life with you and Carlos, as she was a blessing to you both also! She’s dancing and singing with Jesus, wearing her crown of Glory!
    November 5 at 5:02pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Amen mom!
    November 5 at 5:17pm ·
  • Carol Stanley Vaughan God bless you, Annalee! Her time and our time with you and Carlos mean the world to us! God brought you into our lives for a very specific reason, and I’m so blessed and honored He did! She loved you both SO very much, and she is smiling down on you both. Thank you for sharing this with people who know her and those that don’t. I will never forget the day you and Carlos stepped into her hospital room. The beginning of a life lasting love…
    November 5 at 6:28pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Tears falling falling Carol Stanley Vaughan. I know, I know. In that hospital room Jesus was present and had an eternal purpose for bonding our lives together. I am eternally grateful. I love you guys so much. Thank you for sharing her with us. We are forever changed because of her…and you. I’ll be emailing the pics soon. Miss you so much. Big, big, big hugs to you, Ted, and Hanna
    November 5 at 6:45pm ·
  • Darlene Strephans I’m sorry for your loss. Those are great pictures!
    November 5 at 8:26pm ·
  • Susan Stanley Hammond She loved you guys so very much and I am so thankful for you being in her life! Through Em, her family has met so many woderfull people and we are truly blessed! God Bless you and your family!
    November 5 at 8:38pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Thank you dear Susan! We love her like crazy! And are so thankful to The Lord for choosing us to make our way into her life and hers into ours! We are lifting all of you up in prayer now and in the days to come! He is holding you all tenderly. All our love
    November 5 at 9:14pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Thank you Darlene Strephans!
    November 5 at 9:16pm ·
  • Jacki Lo A sweet tribute.
    November 6 at 3:54pm ·