Hailee T

by Ted V

Hailee Thompson
November 6 at 8:49pm ·

Emilys Obituary explained her so well. “…and then there was this affinity for office supplies, particularly notebooks. Never mind. ” It’s the little things that make me smile. I love you babygirl.

  • Lisa Bolton Thompson Thought of you when I read that part……gave me goose bumps
    November 7 at 3:13pm ·
  • Carol Stanley Vaughan She loved you so much, Hailee! We went through about 12,000 pics and couldn’t find one of you two together. Always remember she loved you so much!
    November 9 at 1:04pm ·
  • Hailee Thompson I’ll always love emy. Mom found one and I have one of us in the hospital.
    November 9 at 1:06pm ·