Vicki A

by Ted V

Monday, November 10, 2014


Loving her buttered and cheese pasta.

In this time of sadness and loss we all need to hang onto those memories of Emily and how she touched each person she met. She was put here on this earth for such a short time, however she touched more people and enriched more lives than people that have lived many many more years. I hang onto three special memories. The first was a sleep over (what fun) when we went shopping and she wanted to buy her mother new PJ’s…the laugher and jokes were priceless. The next was her eating and loving plain butter and little cheese pasta. And lastly (and certainly not all of them) was my visit to see her a few weeks ago….in which I wanted to try to get a real little pig into the hospital….had to settle for a stuffed one but the look of JOY on Emily’s face was wonderful. We may never understand or know God’s plan in taking Emily home , but we need to stay strong in our faith and belief that God makes no mistakes. As I go out in this early morning air and feed my farm animals (especially the pigs) I know Emily is smiling down on us all.