Devon W

by Ted V

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My Em,
To use mere words to convey who you are to me, let alone all those who were blessed to know you, is an impossible task. Listening to others over the past days; their thoughts, their memories of you, have been humbling. Those of us that are “family” all feel that we know the “know” the real Emily. However, what I have learned is that we all knew you. You never faltered in who you were, without you even realizing it. Yes, you went through stages, multiple stages, but during those stages, you were always “you”. You continued to touch people; you continued to be a light in our lives. Through all your rants and “drama” you never lost the ability to be there for all of us you loved, and man did you love those around you! I told your dad tonight, through all of my questions, research, and ramblings about religion, the answer I have been seeking has been right in front of me for 19 years. I’ve always said you were a gift. You are a gift from God. All those times when I or others have asked “If you are a true and real God, please give me sign” you, Emily, are that sign; your family that you have worried over, is that sign. Your life, your soul, is proof. Selfishly I detest that you are no longer here among us on earth. At the same time, I rejoice that you are amongst the angels where you belong. You are truly a gift; you were and continue to be an angel amongst us.