Thanskgiving – Hailee T – Mom

by Ted V

Hailee Thompson
November 26 at 5:20pm

There are plenty of things/people I am more than grateful for, but this year just like all the past years I am beyond thankful for my best friend. I miss you beyond reason & can’t wait to see you again baby. You have always been my rock but now I have to stay strong without you. I can’t stand the fact I won’t be getting my “happy thanksgiving!” text tomorrow. I’m so grateful for you, still. w/Emily Vaughan — feeling thankful.

  • Carol Stanley Vaughan: I am thankful God chose me to be her mom and for Ted to be her dad and Hanna and Crystal to be sisters. Tomorrow is gonna hurt bad, but I think we ALL should come together and ALL give thanks tomorrow that she was in our lives, no matter in what capacity. Emily said the Thanksgiving prayer for a few years, and I know she is happy and thankful right where she is. It is just so hard without her, but we have to remember where she is and that she is with God. Can you just imagine that…how awesome that must be? We can’t comprehend, but we know. Happy Thanksgiving to all of her friends and family!
    November 26 at 7:29pm