Our Emy

Remembering Our Emily

Aunt Suey – Tigger

Susan Hammond:

I was not able to speak at Em’s wake and just wanted to say what an honor it was to be Em’s Aunt Suey. Em colored a pic. of Tigger for me 2 yrs. ago as I would tell her to try to be a Tigger! Little did I know how much the picture would mean to me and will cherish it forever. Em was our drama queen and when my tears start rolling down my cheeks I think of Em calling me being Miss drama and when conversation ended I would usually say I need a root touch up and the laughter comes and the tears subside. God is taking care of Em and also Em’s family and for that I am forever grateful! Love my Em til we meet again.

 By Emily, For Suey

By Emily, For Suey

Smelly Goods and Notebooks

Emily was obsessed with smelly goods, like body spray, lotions, bath stuff, candles and the like. Em couldn’t go to the mall without checking out Bath & Body Works. It didn’t matter where she went to shop or for what, she’d always visit the smelly goods section, and want to carry some of it home with her. It’s in her room, in her car… heck, it’s even in my car.

Similarly, Emy had this weird connection to notebooks, investigating the supply in every store that had them. Stacks and stacks of notebooks she has… with few of them ever written in, much less filled with writing. She asked for them at Christmas and birthdays. Funny her first job was at Office Max. I kidded her that they would pay her in notebooks, or that she would spend all of her pay there… on notebooks.  :]

Same thing with Target. She just loved to shop there, and likewise it was funny that she wound up working her second job there, and again, spending her pay at the place she worked.

2010 xmas notebook

Rebel ‘G’

Em recently went on for a couple of days saying, “Just call me ‘G’.” You know, all coooool like. When asked what that meant, she finally said “Graffiti.” See, she had planned to go to the Clifton Pond bridge and add to the graffiti there, and other places. And with that, taking on this imagined persona as ‘G’, you know.

It’s funny because Emily confessedly could never really break fully from her ‘goodie-goodie’ interior, and be a ‘bad kid’. Ha ha. Another funny thing, even funnier still, is that Em couldn’t even draw.

A Power of Will

Potty training for ‘number two’ was a battle. Number one, no problem, wearing regular clothes all day. But Em would insist that we give her a pull-up for her to do her second business in. She would stubbornly ‘hold it’ until we complied. Once outfitted, she would go and hide, sometimes in her room, sometimes in a corner, behind the recliner, even in the bathroom, right next to where she was supposed to be in the first place. This an example of her innate power of will, to the point of absolute discomfort even, but a will that she employed selectively, and intelligently (though not necessarily in this case).

Love you, Em.  :]

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