Smelly Goods and Notebooks

by Ted V

Emily was obsessed with smelly goods, like body spray, lotions, bath stuff, candles and the like. Em couldn’t go to the mall without checking out Bath & Body Works. It didn’t matter where she went to shop or for what, she’d always visit the smelly goods section, and want to carry some of it home with her. It’s in her room, in her car… heck, it’s even in my car.

Similarly, Emy had this weird connection to notebooks, investigating the supply in every store that had them. Stacks and stacks of notebooks she has… with few of them ever written in, much less filled with writing. She asked for them at Christmas and birthdays. Funny her first job was at Office Max. I kidded her that they would pay her in notebooks, or that she would spend all of her pay there… on notebooks.  :]

Same thing with Target. She just loved to shop there, and likewise it was funny that she wound up working her second job there, and again, spending her pay at the place she worked.

2010 xmas notebook