by Ted V

Hailee Thompson
November 2 at 12:41pm

I don’t know where to begin… RIP gorgeous. You’ll always be my best friend. It all seems so surreal. I love you so much emy, you were there for me when no one else was. You know literally every good/bad thing about me. I could trust you no matter what. I’ll love you till the end of my days. Thank you for being the woman you were. You were the strongest person i know. you’ve helped me in so many ways you never even knew of. I still remember our pact. Always & forever boo. Rest Easy. — feeling heartbroken with Emily Vaughan.


  • Michele Kimmel I remember this pic. Sweet girls
    November 2 at 3:10pm ·
  • Hailee Thompson It feels like not that long ago Michele Kimmel.
    November 2 at 3:21pm ·
  • Michele Kimmel Breaks my heart
    November 2 at 4:00pm ·
  • Lisa Bolton Thompson In life it is very rare to have a friendship like you and Em did. To watch you two blossom into beautiful women and not be bitter in life about the hand you were given has shown a lot of us the true meaning of strong women. You two always no matter what knew just what to say to make the other one feel better. We loves you Em rest in peace my beauty.
  • Hailee Thompson
    November 3 at 6:25pm ·
    I don’t know what to do honestly, I’m fine one moment.. The next 10 are accompanied by crying & blank stares. I don’t understand life most days, but days like today I really just can’t.. I could write 10 million words but there will never be enough to express how I feel. I love you, I wish I could have told you goodbye.. or at least see you soon. </3