Elizabeth D

by Ted V

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

as a nurse, my number one job is to make one of the hardest times of you and your family’s life a little better. that by advocating for you, using evidence-based practices, caring for you like you were my own, and being as goofy as tolerable, you are better off now than you were 12 hours ago.when i started nursing there were a handful of patients (and the families attached to them) that helped me form what kind of nurse i am and showed me that i was doing what i was made to do.

last saturday i lost someone who helped form me into the nurse and the person that i am. i have always cherished the time i had with emily and the impact she made on me and everyone around her. she was so smart, curious, silly, wise, kind, genuine, and good for a laugh (or eight). the world lucked out to get to keep her as long as it did and i am so thankful i got to be a witness to it.