by Ted V

Carol Stanley Vaughan
November 11 at 11:10am ·

As we say goodbye to Emily Vaughan today, we are also happy to share the wonderful news that Ted Vaughan is a grandpa to a precious little boy today, We love you, Crystal Humphries, and we are so happy for you and your family as you welcome Calvin into your lives! The circle of life….

  • Kim Moret Bitter/sweet day. Amazing how God works! Welcome Calvin, until we meet again Emily Vaughan, love to all on this tough day!!
    November 11 at 11:18am ·
  • Anne Marie Richardson God bless you! Love you much!
    November 11 at 11:39am ·
  • Darrell Toni Vick Our sympathy to you today and congratulations on the new grandchild,it will melt your heart. Yes bittersweet but a blessing too
    November 11 at 12:02pm ·
  • Merideth Hipp Our love and prayers go out to you all today
    November 11 at 12:27pm ·
  • Annalee Reyes Ted and Crystal, congratulations! We are holding you close and praying for you all today and continually. We love you all so deeply
    November 11 at 12:39pm ·
  • Susan Johnson Phillips My heart is with you all today.
    November 11 at 1:01pm ·
  • Peggy Smith You are in my prayers and heart>>it’s a blessing and sadness all in one day
    November 11 at 2:02pm ·
  • Kathy Dodson All my love to you and family members. I’m hugging you all close and Prayer sent out for comfort. So much love.
    November 11 at 4:55pm ·
  • Melissa Sky Much love
    November 11 at 8:28pm ·
  • Beth Ann Baracus Carol and Ted, I wanna reach right out and hug you!
    November 11 at 9:47pm ·
  • Sarah Vaughan Congrats uncle ted and I love you guys Emily is with my dad and she is safe n won’t ever have to suffer again
    November 12 at 2:52am ·